Students National Symposium on the Environment 2015 has started

Attorney General Ahmed Anil attended as the Chief Guest at the ceremony held today morning to start off the two day National Environment Symposium 2015 at Dharubaaruge. Education Minister Dr Aishath Shiham and Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim also joined at the ceremony.

This symposium is held in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environment and Energy along with the schools in the Maldives.

Speaking at the Ceremony, Dr Aishath Shiham noted the value of such a symposium on spreading awareness on preservation of our environment.

“By the end of this symposium we are hopeful that each student will work to be a role model to the society to protect and save the environment”. Dr Aishath Shiham also underscored the significance of the work that students are doing even now under the initiation of respective schools to protect the environment.

Also Dr Aishath Shiham emphasized the importance His Excellency Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom gives to safeguard and protect our Environment.

 Chief Guest Ahmed Anil said that “to preserve and protect our Environment is a fundamental right for all of us and at the same time it is an individual’s responsibility”

Speaking at the ceremony, Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim stressed that in order to protect our environment the first step we need to take is from our own homes and in our society. “To find a solution for the environmental problems that we are facing today, you, students need to take an initiative and start taking steps to prevent and find solutions starting from our homes.”

While speaking at the ceremony today, Environment Minister also highlighted the issue of throwing garbage into the sea. He said that to solve the waste management problems, we as individuals need to see this as a personal responsibility.

There are 41 schools from all over Maldives taking part in this symposium with 205 students participating.

In this symposium students will do research presentations on four main areas including, Waste management, bio Diversity, innovation and green technology and coastal management.