Minister Urges for support to strive to achieve the vision of the National Curriculum

Addressing at the function held to mark the 25th Anniversary of AA. Bodufolhudhoo School, Education Minister Dr. Aishath Shiham has urged for equal support from parents and teachers to strive to achieve the vision of the National Curriculum.

Dr Aishath Shiham noted that the national curriculum is formed on many strong pillars. “One of the fundamental bases of the national curriculum is to ensure that our children adhere to Islamic values and to ensure that they are brought up as critically thinking, self-respecting citizens to make up a productive generation. With the implementation of the new curriculum, we strive to ensure that our children are healthy, technology and media friendly who give preference to sustainable development”, Minister said.

Minister also underscored the significance of the hard work that teachers, parents and schools’ heads are doing to achieve the vision of the national curriculum and thanked them. The education Minister highlighted that through the ages, there has been remarkable hard work done by the people of bodufolhudhoo to make sure the islanders are literate people.


Speaking at the function, the principal of Bodufolhudhoo school, Fazeena Rasheed said that the best service a student can do for the school is to win golden awards at all levels including island level, atoll level, national and at international levels. She requested the students to strive for such awards and to make the community proud. Fazeena also said that, while celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the school that it was the students’ duty to brighten the schools name and to preserve it for the generations of students to come.

Bodufolhudhoo School was opened in 1990, and teaches from grades 1 to 10. Currently there are more than 150 students studying in this school.