Minister concludes official visit to Faafu and Dhaal atoll

On Thursday Minister visited Dh. Bandidhoo School, Dh. Rinbudhoo School, Dh. Hulhudheli School, Dh. Maaenboodhoo School and Dh.AEC in Kudahuvadhoo.

She also visited Dh. Atoll School in Dh. Meedhoo, F. Magoodhoo School, F. Bilehdhoo School, and F. Dharanboodhoo School.

On the last day of the trip she visited F.AEC in F. Nilandhoo and F.Atoll School in F. Fialee.

In the course of her visit to the schools she has met with the schools’ senior management, teachers, school Boards and the PTA Committee. Additionally, she also has met with the members of some Island Councils.

During these meetings, minister shared information about the government’s educational policy. She also provided information regarding the work being done by the ministry on the government’s pledge “No child shall be left out”.

During the meetings, Minister also explored ways in which the quality of education can be improved in the schools. Another discussion topic was the challenges faced by schools, and how they can be overcome.

Similarly, information was shared on the work done by the departments of Ministry of Education to the relevant senior staff at the schools.

In the series of visits to closely check on the state of schools and provide information about the government’s policy on Education to schools across the country, education minister Dr Aishath Shiham has so far visited ten atolls and all the schools in those atolls. She has visited schools in Addu Atoll, L Atol, N. Atoll, V. Atoll, M Atoll, ADh. Atoll, K. Atoll, H.Dh. Atoll, F. Atoll and D. Atoll.