Ahmed Maayiz Mahid wins best all-around of Jamaalauddin School

Ahmed Maayiz Mahid wins the best all-round student of 2015. He has also won the fourth place at the national top 10 and was selected amongst the best 10 students of Jamaalauddin School last year.

The Prize day ceremony was held last night at Dharubaaruge, Chief Guest for the night was Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed and was joined by Education Minister Dr Aishath Shiham.

Speaking at the ceremony CP Hussain Waheed has urged everyone not to just develop students of knowledge, but also to educate students on practical skills to apply the knowledge so that they are better equipped to face the working environment.

 “For a brighter tomorrow every student needs to have characters of value, to be a responsible and self-initiating and they need to have a patriotic outlook towards our country” he said.

He also noted in our community today, that there are children who are becoming victims of exploitation and abuse. Hence he urged teachers and parents to take all preventive steps at school and at home to save our children from such dangers and abuse.

553 students were awarded prizes in various categories at tonight’s ceremony. Prizes and certificates were awarded for achievers in studies and sports.Students who have won international awards for the school were also recognized during the ceremony. Additionally, National Top Achievers and the top ten students of the school were also awarded at tonight’s event