Education Minister visits five schools in Dhaal atoll

Today, Education Minister Dr Aishath Shiham visited five schools in Dhaal atoll as part of the series of visits she is making to the schools across the country to share information regarding government’s educational policy.

Minister visited Bandidhoo School, Rinbudhoo School, Hulhudheli School, Maaenboodhoo School and Dh.Atoll School.


In the course of this visit, minister had meetings in each school with the senior management, School Board, PTA. Additionally, she also has met with members of some Island Councils

In these meetings, minister shared information regarding the government’s educational policy. She also provided information regarding the work being done by the ministry on the government’s pledge “No child shall be left out”.

During her three day visit to Faafu and Dhaal atoll, it has been scheduled that she will visit five schools tomorrow. They are D.Meedhoo, F.magoodhoo, F.Bilehdhoo, F.Dharanboodhoo and F.Nilandhoo.

Among the series of visits by the Education minister to the schools in the islands across the country in an attempt to provide information regarding the governments educational policy to schools and parents Dr Aishath shiham recently visited all the schools of Hdh.Atoll. During her visit she has visited fifteen schools in the atoll

Minister is also accompanied by a senior delegation from the Ministry of Education