Schools reopen in the new normal

Children across Maldives headed to schools today, after more than three months of school closure due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools reopened for all grades except pre-school in islands where no covid-19 cases were reported. However, in Male’ city and other islands that are under lockdown and of high risk, schools reopened for students of grade 9 and above only.

As schooling restarted today, Students and Staff arrived to schools wearing masks and their temperatures were taken upon arrival. Schools have built handwashing stations and all students washed their hands before strolling towards their classrooms.

Before reopening schools, Ministry of Education has ensured that the school environment set-up is done for the appropriate physical distancing guidelines.

To maintain physical distancing within school premises, schools have set up signs, markings on the ground, tape and other barriers to guide the students.

In addition to this, classroom size has been reduced to set up seating arrangements in accordance to the physical distancing rule: that is at least three feets apart.